Abbreviations: F.M.H. – Freemasons’ Hall; (I.) – Installation Meeting; M.Ctr. – Masonic Centre; M.H. – Masonic Hall; M.M.H. – Mark Masons’ Hall, London; M.R. – Masonic Rooms; M.T. – Masonic Temple; T.I. – Time Immemorial.

Consistory (Province/District/Inspectorate)
Date of Warrant
The Scarlet Cord (Unattached)
M.M.H., London SW1A 1PL
1st Tuesday in May, December (I.)
(Formerly OSM - The Scarlet Cord Conclave No. 500)

Dec. 5, 2006
T.I. Hospes (Unattached)
Mark Masons’ Hall, London SW1A 1PL
1st Thursday June, December
(Formerly OSM - Hospes Conclave No. 580)

June 5, 2010
1 T.I. Levante Scarlet Cord (Spain)
Costa Nova M.Ctr., Javea, Spain
3rd Friday March, May, September (I.)
(Formerly OSM – The Scarlet Cord Conclave of Iberia No. 512)

Jan. 19, 2008
2 T.I. The Midlands (Midland Counties)
M.H., Church Walk, Rugby, Warwickshire CV21 3AT
2nd Wednesday Jan. (I.), May, October
(Formerly OSM – The Scarlet Cord Conclave of the Midlands No. 513)

Jan. 23, 2008
3 T.I.
Dorset (Somerset and Dorset)
M.H., Howard's Lane, Wareham
4th Friday Feb (I.), June
(Formerly OSM – Scarlet Cord Conclave for the Southern Counties No. 450)

Sept. 30, 2000
4 T.I. Surrey (Surrey)
Surbiton M.H., Glenmore House, 6 The Crescent, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 4BN
4th Wednesday Feb., 3rd Thurs. July (I.)
(Formerly OSM – Scarlet Cord Conclave of Surrey No. 518)

July 17, 2008
5 T.I. The Derek Mortimore (Western Counties)
M.H., Union Road, Crediton, Devon, EX17 3AW
1st Monday October (I.): other dates as the President may direct.
(Formerly OSM – Derek Mortimore Scarlet Cord Conclave of the Western Counties No. 522)

October 7, 2008
6 T.I. Ken Rager (East Anglia)
M.R., Harleston, Norfolk, IP20 9EN
1st Wednesday March; 2nd Wednesday October (I.)
(Formerly OSM – Scarlet Cord Conclave of Norfolk No. 524)

October 22, 2008
7 T.I. Keys of Jericho (Durham)
M.H., Station Road, Shiney Row Durham DH4 7PQ
1st Monday March (I.); 1st Tues. Nov.
(Formerly OSM – The Scarlet Cord Conclave of Durham No. 523)

Dec. 6, 2008
8 T.I. Scarlet Cord Consistory in the East (South East Asia)
3rd Sat. Jan., May (I.), Sept.
Read Masonic Centre, 1 Jalan 3/155, Bukit OUG, Kuala Lumpar, 58200, Malaysia
(Formerly OSM – Scarlet Cord in the East Conclave No. 526)

October 25, 2008
9 T.I. Three Shires (Glos., Hereford & Wilts)
M.Ctr., The Planks, Swindon SN3 0QP
Last Fri. March (I.), May; 3rd Fri. Sept.
(Formerly OSM – Scarlet Cord Conclave of the Three Shires No. 532)

Apr. 18, 2009
10 T.I. The Trinovantes (Essex)
Various venues.
1st Wed. June; 4th Wed. Nov. (I.)
(Formerly OSM – Scarlet Cord Conclave of Essex No. 531)

Apr. 24, 2009
11 T.I. Derbyshire (East Midlands)
Long Eaton M.H, Elm Avenue, Long Eaton, Nottingham, NG10 4LR
3rd Tues. May (I.); 3rd Fri. July
(Formerly OSM – Scarlet Cord Conclave of Derbyshire No. 534)

May 12, 2009
12 T.I. Cheshire View (Cheshire & N. Wales)
F.M.H., Plough Lane, Christleton, Chester, CH3 7BA.
3rd Wed. May (I.), Oct., Dec.
(Formerly OSM – Scarlet Cord Conclave of Cheshire and North Wales No. 530)

May 20, 2009
13 T.I. Jorvik (N & E Yorks)
M.H., Castlegate, York.
4th Sat. April, June (I.), Nov.
(Formerly OSM – The Scarlet Cord Conclave of North and East Yorkshire No. 535)

June 11, 2009
14 T.I. Oxford and Cambridge (The Chilterns)
1st Sat. Mar. Thame M.H., 14 High Street, Thame, Oxfordshire, OX9 2BZ
1st Sat. Sept. Cambridge M.Ctr., Bateman Street, Cambridge, CB2 1NA
(Formerly OSM – Oxford and Cambridge Scarlet Cord Conclave No. 536)

June 23, 2009
15 T.I. Westhoughton (W. Lancashire)
M.H., Brookfield, Peel Street, Westhoughton, BL5 3SP
4th Mon. April, Oct. (I.)
(Formerly OSM - Scarlet Cord Conclave of East Lancashire No. 539)

Aug. 24, 2009
16 T.I. Vale of Irwell (East Lancashire)
Rossendale M.H., Ashday Lea, Off Haslingden Road, Rawtenstall, BB4 6QX
4th Fri. April (I.); 4th Thurs. Aug.
(Formerly OSM – The Scarlet Cord Conclave of East Lancashire No. 542)

Aug. 27, 2009
17 T.I. Sussex (Sussex)
Rowfant House, Rowfant , Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 4NG
2nd Wed. Mar., June; 4th Mon. Nov. (I.)
(Formerly OSM – The Scarlet Cord Conclave of Sussex No. 540)

Oct. 6, 2009
18 T.I. Western India (Western India)
F.M.H., Damodardas Sukhadwala Marg, Fort, Mumbai 400 001, India
1st Mon. Jan.(I), Apr., Jul., Oct.
(Formerly OSM – Scarlet Cord Conclave of Western India No. 419)

Jan. 25, 1997
19 T.I. Calder Vale (West Yorkshire)
Blenheim House, Batley Field Hill, Batley, WF17 0BG
1st Fri. July, Oct. (I.)
(Formerly OSM – Scarlet Cord Conclave of Yorkshire, West Riding No. 538)

Oct. 20, 2009
20 T.I. Suffolk (East Anglia)
F.M.H., 8-10 Soane Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP4 2BG
4th Tues. May; 3rd Wed. Oct. (I.)
(Formerly OSM – The Scarlet Cord Conclave of Suffolk No. 541)

Oct. 21, 2009
21 T.I. North Glamorgan (S.Wales & Monmouthshire)
Merthyr Tydfil M.T., Park Terrace, Merthyr Tydfil, CF47 8RT
5th Sat. Jan. (I.); 4th Thurs. June; 3rd Sat. Oct.
(Formerly OSM – Scarlet Cord Conclave of North Glamorgan No. 544)

Nov. 14, 2009
22 TI South Glamorgan (S.Wales & Monmouthshire)
M.T., Park Crescent, Pontyclun, South Glamorgan, CF72 9BR
4th Fri. Feb., May; 1st Fri. Sept. (I.)
(Formerly OSM – Scarlet Cord Conclave of South Glamorgan No. 545)

Nov. 14, 2009
23 TI Principis Londinii (London)
M.M.H., London SW1A 1PL
2nd Sat. Mar.; 1st Fifth Weekday Nov. (I.)
(Formerly OSM – Scarlet Cord Conclave of Londinii No. 546)

Nov. 30, 2009
24 TI Llanelli (West Wales)
M.H., Harries Ave, Llanelli SA15 3LF
1st Thurs. Dec. (I.), and other such dates as the President may direct.
(Formerly OSM – Scarlet Cord Conclave of Llanelli No. 547)

Dec. 3, 2009
25 TI Aberystwyth (West Wales)
M.H., Market Street, Aberystwyth SY23 1DL
2nd Thurs. Feb.; 4th Thurs. Oct. (I.)
(Formerly OSM – Scarlet Cord Conclave of Aberystwyth No. 548)

Jan. 9, 2010
26 TI Merevale (Midland Counties)
M.H., 106 Long Street, Atherstone, Warwickshire CV9 1AN
3rd Tues. Jan. (I.); 1st Tues. Mar.; 2nd Tues. June
(Formerly OSM – Merevale Scarlet Cord Conclave No. 549)

Jan. 16, 2010
27 TI Pembroke (West Wales)
4th Wed. June (I.): M.H., Windy Hall, Fishguard, Pembrokeshire SA65 9DP
4th Wed. Mar.: M.T., Bush Street, Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire SA72 6AX
(Formerly OSM – Scarlet Cord Conclave of Pembroke No. 551)

Jan. 23, 2010
28 TI West Glamorgan (S.Wales & Monmouthshire)
M.T., St. Helens Road, Swansea, West Glamorgan, SA1 4DF
2nd Sat. Sept.; 3rd Tues. Feb. (I.); 3rd Sat. Apr.
(Formerly OSM – Scarlet Cord Conclave of West Glamorgan No. 550)

Jan. 30, 2010
29 TI Worcestershire (Midland Counties)
M.H., Churchfields, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire
2nd Mon. Feb. (I.), Apr., Oct.
(Formerly OSM – Scarlet Cord Conclave of Worcestershire No. 552)

Feb. 8, 2010
30 TI Rahab (Midland Counties)
The Old Shillians Memorial Club House, Warwick Road, Knowle, Solihull B93 9LF
3rd Tues. Mar. (I.), May, Dec.
(Formerly OSM – Rahab Scarlet Cord Conclave No. 557)

Mar. 20, 2010
31 TI Bernard Miles (Hampshire & I.O.W)
Brook House M.Ctr., Brook Lane, Botley, Hants. SO30 2ER
4th Mon. Jan.(I), Jun
(Formerly OSM – Bernard Miles Scarlet Cord Conclave No. 556)

Mar. 29, 2010
32 TI Orange City (Western India)
F.M.H., Civil Lines, Nagpur, India
2nd Fri. March (I.), June, Sept., Dec.
(Formerly OSM – Palia Conclave No. 128)

Aug. 24, 1954
33 TI Saraswati (Western India)
6A Exhibition Road, Near YMCA Race Course, Pune 411030, India
1st Sat. Jan., April (I.), July, October
(Formerly OSM – Pestonji Kapadia Conclave No. 191)

Apr. 24, 1966
34 TI Littlehampton (Sussex)
Littlehampton M.Ctr., Church Street, Littlehampton, West Sussex, BN17 5EN
1st Tues. Feb., Apr., Oct. (I.)
(Formerly OSM – Littlehampton Scarlet Cord Conclave No. 555)

Apr. 6, 2010
35 TI The Kentish Man (Kent)
4th Tues. Mar. (I.): Sidcup M.Ctr., Church Road, Sidcup DA14 6BX
2nd Mon. Nov.: Bromley M.Ctr., Oakley House, Bromley BR2 8HA
(Formerly OSM – Scarlet Cord of the Kentish Man Conclave No. 553)

Apr. 10, 2010
36 TI Man of Kent (Kent)
2nd Thurs. Feb. (I.): M.H., New Cross Street, Margate CT9 1EH
4th Wed. Oct.: M.H., Albany Road, Sittingbourne ME10 1EB
(Formerly OSM – Man of Kent Scarlet Cord Conclave No. 554)

Apr. 10, 2010
37 TI The Twelve Stones (Durham)
M.H., Raby Road, Hartlepool TS24 8AH
2nd Fri. Jan., 4th Fri. May (I.), 2nd Thurs. Dec.
(Formerly OSM – The Twelve Stones Scarlet Cord Conclave No. 571)

May 1, 2010
38 TI Perfect Seven (Durham)
M.H., 36 Old Elvet, Durham City, County Durham, DH1 3HN
4th Tues. Feb. (I.), June; 3rd Mon. Nov.
(Formerly OSM – Perfect Seven Scarlet Cord Conclave No. 572)

May 1, 2010
39 TI Northumberland (Northumberland)
M.H., John Street, Ashington, Northumberland, NE63 0SE
2nd Mon. Apr.; 1st Mon. July (I.)
(Formerly OSM –Scarlet Cord Conclave of Northumberland No. 559)

May 22, 2010
40 TI Centenary Rose (N & E Yorkshire)
M.H., South End, Bedale
3rd Tues, Mar. (I.); 1st Thurs. Sept.
(Formerly OSM – Centenary Rose Scarlet Cord Conclave No. 575)

May 29, 2010
41 TI East Riding (N & E Yorkshire)
M.H., Driffield
1st (I.) and 3rd fifth Thurs. of the calendar year
(Formerly OSM – East Riding Scarlet Cord Conclave No. 576)

May 29, 2010
42 TI Tern (Midland Counties)
The Grove, The Sixth Form Ctr, Newcastle Road, Market Drayton, Shrops. TF9 1HF
4th Fri., Feb.; 3rd Fri. June (I.), Nov.
(Formerly OSM – East Riding Scarlet Cord Conclave No. 576)

May 29, 2010
43 TI Kent (Kent)
M.H., Manor Road, Chatham, Kent ME4 6AG
4th Fri. Aug. (I.); 3rd Fri. Nov.
(Formerly OSM – The Scarlet Cord Conclave of Kent No. 570)

June 5, 2010
44 TI Vega Baja Scarlet Cord (Spain)
Sociedad Compas, Calle Toledo 14, 03170 Ciudad Quesada, Alicante, Spain
4th Wed. Jan., 1st Tues. Apr., Nov.(I)
(Formerly OSM – Vega Baja Scarlet Cord Conclave No. 581)

June 5, 2010
45 TI Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire (The Chilterns)
Colisters M.Ctr., Barrington Road, Letchworth SG6 3TH
4th Mon. March (I.), Nov.
(Formerly OSM – Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire & Hertfordshire Scarlet Cord Conclave No. 573)

June 7, 2010
46 TI Concordia (London)
West London M.Ctr., Churchfield House, Churchfield Road, Ealing, London W13 9NF
3rd Mon. Feb.; 2nd Mon. June; 1st Mon. Nov. (I.)
(Formerly OSM – Concordia Scarlet Cord Conclave No. 579)

June 9, 2010
47 TI Laffan's Plain (Hampshire & I.O.W.)
M.H., Alexandra Road, Farnborough, Hants. GU14 6BF
2nd Tues., Feb., Sept. (I.)
(Formerly OSM – Laffan’s Plain Scarlet Cord Conclave No. 565)

June 12, 2010
48 TI Red Castle (Cheshire & N. Wales)
M.H., Berriew Road, Welshpool, Powys, SY21 7SS
3rd Wed. Jan.; 2nd Wed. June (I.); 3rd Tues Sept.
(Formerly OSM – Red Castle Scarlet Cord Conclave No. 577)

June 12, 2010
49 TI Morlais (Cheshire & N. Wales)
Lady Augusta M.H., Rhewl, Mostyn, Flintshire, CH8 9HW
1st 5th Thurs. after 1st Jan., 1st April (I.), 1st July, excluding the months of Aug. & Dec.
(Formerly OSM – Morlais Scarlet Cord Conclave No. 578)

June 12, 2010
50 TI Andalucia Scarlet Cord (Spain)
Calle Sor Irene, Maracena, Granada, Spain
(Formerly OSM – Andalucia Scarlet Cord Conclave No. 582)

June 12, 2010
51 TI Danebury (Hampshire & I.O.W.)
Keystone H., East Street, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 3HA
2nd Wed. March, Sept. (I.)
(Formerly OSM – Danebury Scarlet Cord Conclave No. 583)

June 12, 2010
52 TI Hill of Zion (Surrey)
Croydon M.H., 73 Oakfield Road, Croydon, CR0 2UX
4th Wed. Jan; 3rd Fri. April (I.); 3rd Thurs. Sept.
(Formerly OSM – Hill of Zion Scarlet Cord Conclave No. 562)

June 14, 2010
53 TI Guildford (Surrey)
S.W. Surrey M.Ctr., Hitherbury Close, Guildford GU2 4DR
2nd Thurs. May, 4th Thurs. Oct. (I.)
(Formerly OSM – Guildford Scarlet Cord Conclave No. 563)

June 14, 2010
54 TI Peter Racey (East Anglia)
Oaklands Hotel, Yarmouth Road, Thorpe St. Andrew, Norwich
2nd Wed. May (I.), Sept.
(Formerly OSM – Peter Racey Scarlet Cord Conclave No. 584)

June 14, 2010
55 TI Ronald Thompson (Norfolk)
M.Ctr., Norwich Street, Dereham, Norfolk NR19 1DP
2nd Tues. July (I.); Sept date and venue – at discretion of President
(Formerly OSM – Ronald Thompson Scarlet Cord Conclave No. 585)

June 14, 2010
56 TI Cuerdley (West Lancashire)
M.H., Kingsway, Widnes WA8 7QH
4th Thurs. Mar.; 3rd Fri. Oct. (I.)
(Formerly OSM – Scarlet Cord Conclave of Cuerdley No. 564)
June 15, 2010
57 TI Wyrebank (West Lancashire)
M.H., Wyrebank, Church Street, Garstang PR3 1PG
3rd Mon. Feb. (I.); 4th Wed. Nov.
(Formerly OSM – Scarlet Cord Conclave of Wyrebank No. 574)

June 15, 2010
58 TI London (London)
M.M.H., London SW1A 1PL
4th Fri. Apr. (I.); 4th Wed. Oct
(Formerly OSM – The London Scarlet Cord Conclave No. 586)

June 22, 2010
59 TI East Sussex (Sussex)
M.Ctr., East Ascent, St. Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex TN38 ODR
3rd Tues. Jan., Apr. (I.), Oct.
(Formerly OSM – East Sussex Scarlet Cord Conclave No. 569)

June 29, 2010
60 TI Fraternal Union (Middlesex)
3rd Tues. July: Staines M.Ctr., Thames Street, Staines, Middx TW18 4PH
2nd Thurs. Feb. (I.): Uxbridge M.Ctr., Hercies Road, Hillingdon, Middx  UB10 9NA
(Formerly OSM – Fraternal Union Scarlet Cord Conclave No. 589)

June 29, 2010
61 TI Leadon (Glos., Hereford & Wilts.)
2nd Thurs. March (I.): M.H., Trinity Walk, Tewkesbury, Glos. GL20 5NP
3rd Wed. May: M.H., Church Street, Stow-on-the-Wold, GL54 1BB
(Formerly OSM – Leadon Scarlet Cord Conclave No. 587)

June 30, 2010
62 TI Edward Jenner (Glos., Hereford & Wilts.)
M.H., Hatters Lane, Chipping Sodbury, Bristol B37 6AA
2nd Tues. July (I.); 1st Tues. Sept.
(Formerly OSM – Edward Jenner Scarlet Cord Conclave No. 588)

June 30, 2010
63 Leicestershire and Rutland (East Midlands)
F.M.H., George Street, Lutterworth, Leics LE17 4ED
Last Fri. July; 4th Wed. Oct. (I.)

Oct. 29, 2010
64 Sigeberht the Good (Essex)
2nd Thurs. Jan.; 2nd Fri. Mar. (I.):
M.Ctr., Saxon Hall, Aviation Way, Southend-on-Sea SS2 6UN
4th Thurs. July: Chelmsford M.H., Rainsford Road, Chelmsford CM1 2PZ

Mar. 30, 2011
65 Hewanorra (Southern Caribbean)
M.H., Vigie, Saint Lucia, West Indies
4th Fri. May (I.); Nov.

Feb. 25, 2011
66 Gallia (France)
65 Boulvevard Bineau, 92200 Neuilly Sur Seine, Paris, France
4th Fri. Feb.; 3rd Fri. April, Oct. (I.)

Mar. 2, 2011
67 Occitania (France)
15 rue Boudeville 31000 Toulouse, France
2nd Wed. April; 5th Fri. June; 2nd Wed. Sept. (I.)

Mar. 2, 2011
68 Avernum (France)
2 Rue C. Bertholon, 42000 Saint-Etienne, France: 4th Fri. March
2 Rue B. Palissy, 63540 Romagnat, France: 4th Fri. June, Sept. (I.)

Mar. 2, 2011
69 Templum Sublime (Essex)
Upminster M.H., Deyncourt Gardens, Upminster RM14 1DF.
4th Mon. Feb. (I.); 2nd Thurs. June; 2nd Mon. Sept.

Mar. 30, 2011
70 The Millennium (Southern India)
F.M.H., 14 Ethiraj Salai, Egmore, Chennai 600 008, S. India
4th Mon., Jan., Apr., July, Oct.

June 20, 2011
71 Kanyakumari (Southern India)
Vivekan Anda Masonic Charitable Trust Building, Kovalam Road, Kanyakumari,
Tamil Nadu, India
Last Fri. Feb.(I.), May, Aug., Nov.

July 30, 2011
72 Mercia (Cheshire & North Wales)
M.H., Riseley Street, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 1BW
4th Wed. Apr., Aug., Oct. (I.)

Sept 17, 2011
73 Sree Padmanabha (Southern India)
F.M.H., Vazhuthacaud, Trivandrum 695 010, Kerala, India
Last Sat. Apr.; 2nd Sat. Sept. (I.); 2nd Sat. Dec.

July 30, 2011
74 The Thistle and Red Rose (West Lancashire)
Lawson M.H., Craw Hall, Brampton, Cumbria CA8 1TN
1st Sat. May, 4th Sat. Sept.(I)
(Formerly OSM –Scarlet Cord Conclave of West Scotland No. 529)

June 27, 2009
75 Seven Islands (Western India)
F.M.H., Damodardas Sukhadwala Marg, Fort, Mumbai 400 001, India
2nd Sat. March, July, Sept. (I.), Dec.

Oct 1, 2011
76 Trivandrum (Southern India)
F.M.H., Vazhuthacaud, Trivandrum 695 010, Kerala, India
Last Sat. March; 1st Sat. June, Sept., Dec.

Sept. 29, 2011
77 Harmony (Southern India)
F.M.H., 14 Ethiraj Salai, Egmore, Chennai 600 008, S. India
3rd Wed. Mar., Jun., Sept.(I), Dec.

Sept. 26, 2011
78 New Dawn (East Anglia)
M.H., New Road, Framlingham, Suffolk IP13 9AX
Last Tues. Jan., 1st Mon. Apr.

June 19 2012

Barbados (Southern Caribbean)
M.Ctr., Salters, St. George, Barbados, West Indies
4th Thurs. July, Sept.(I), Nov.

April 14 2012

Company Path (Southern Caribbean)
F.M.H., Company Path, Georgetown, Guyana
4th Fri. Mar., May., Nov.

May 30 2012

Isle of Mona (Unattached)
M.H., 42 Stanley Road, Peel, Isle of Man IM5 1NY
1st Monday July, 2nd Monday Dec (I)

Feb 28 2013

Benevolent Scarlet Cord (Southern India)
St. John's Hall, 222 West Marredpally, Secunderabad, India
1st Sat. Feb., May., Aug. & Nov.

July 7 2012

The Kernow (Western Counties)
M.H., St. Michael's Road, Newquay, Cornwall TR7 1RA
3rd Mon. Dec., 2nd Thurs. Feb., 1st Mon. July

Sept 4 2012

Waltair (Southern India)
Hamilton Memorial Masonic Temple, Beach Road, Visakhapatnam, 530 001,
A.P, India
4th Sat., Jan., May & Sept.

Sept 22 2012

Trafalgar (Western Counties)
M.H., 4 Trafalgar Lawn, Barnstaple, Devon EX32 9BD
2nd Fri., Apr., Jun. and Sept.

Sept 4 2012

Trinidad (Southern Caribbean)
46A Piccadilly Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad or The Temple, 4-6 Ruth Ave, Les Efforts West, San Fernando, Trinidad
Last working day of Apr., May & Sept.

June 30 2012

Banbury Cross (The Chilterns)
F.M.H., Marlborough Road, Banbury OX16 5DV
3rd Wed. Feb. & July

Sept 26 2012

Western Star (Southern India)
Dr. T.D. Nair Memorial Freemasons' Hall, Talap East, Kannur, Kerala, India, 670001
3rd Sat. Oct., 3rd Thurs. Jan., 3rd Sat. Apr., 3rd Sat. July

Oct 6 2012

The Jamaica (Southern Caribbean) 0
45 - 47 Barbados Ave, Kingston 5, Jamaica
4th Sat. Mar., Sat. before the 4th Tues. Jun. and Oct.

Dec 1 2012

Godric (East Anglia)
M.H., Chequer Square, Bury St.Edmunds, Suffolk IP33 1RD
1st Thurs. Sept. & 3rd Tues. Jun.

Jan 16 2013
91 Lincolnshire (East Midlands)
M.H., 32 North March Road, Gainsborough, Lincs. DN21 2RR
1st Mon. Jun & 3rd Tues Sept.(I)

April 25 2013
92 South Yorkshire (West Yorkshire)
M.H., Tickhill Road, Bawtry DN10 6JR
3rd Thurs. Jun. and Aug.(I)

Oct 31 2013

Negri Sembilan (South East Asia)
Dewan Freemason, Jalan Penghulu Cantik, Seremban, Negri Sembilan,
3rd Sat. Mar., July(I) and Nov.

July 5 2014
94 94 Beal Valley (East Lancashire)
M.H., The Gables, Kershaw Street, Shaw OL2 7AJ
2nd Tues. Jun. and Dec.(I)

Nov 5 2013

White Rose (West Yorkshire)
Westbourne House, Westbourne Close, Otley LS21 3LG
3rd Mon. May and Oct.

May 8 2014

Belper (East Midlands)
M.R., Campbell Street, Belper, Derbyshire DE56 1AP
3rd Thurs. Aug.(I), 1st Thurs. July

Jan 29 2014

Northwick Circle (Middlesex)
Harrow Dist.M.C., Northwick Circle, Kenton HA3 0EL
3rd Sat. Jan., 4th Sat. Sept.(I).

Mar 20 2014

Somerset (Somerset and Dorset)
M.H., Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset TA8 1NY
2nd Mon Jan.(I) & date(s)/venue(s) directed by Pres.

Apr 25 2014

Tech City (Southern India)
F.M.H., 19 Primrose Road, Bangalore 560025, India
1st Mon. Feb., May, Aug., Nov.

Mar 29 2014

Eastern Archipelago (South East Asia)
F.M.H., 23A Coleman Street, Singapore 179806
4th Mon. Apr., July(I) and Oct.

July 14 2014

Peter Glynn Williams (Durham & Northumberland)
M.H., Station Road, Shirley Row, Tyne & Wear DH4 7PQ
4th Mon. Jan., Mar., Nov.(1).

Dec 6 2014

Blandford (Somerset and Dorset)
M.H., West Street, Blandford Forum, Dorset DT11 7AW
2nd Wed. Apr .(1)., Nov.

Jan 7 2015

Eling Quay (Hampshire & IoW)
M.H., Lexby Road, Totton, Southampton SO40 9HD
3rd Tues. July(I)., 3rd Thurs. Dec.

Mar 18 2015

Middlesex (Middlesex)
Mumbai Square Restaurant, 7 Middlesex Street, London E1 7AA
3rd Tues. Jan., 4th Tues. Jul. (1).

Mar 16 2015
106 Pomona(East Lancashire)
M.H., Hemsley House, 41 The Crescent, Salford M5 4PE
3rd Wed. Mar. (1), Oct.

Feb 3 2015

Hearg-Hlaw (Essex)
M.H., Church Road, Potter Street, Harlow, Essex CM17 9HD
1st Mon.Jun.(I); at the Masonic Hall, Potter Street., 4th Thurs. Oct.; Apr., W.I. Hall, Garden Terrace Road, Old Harlow, Essex CM17 0AT.

June 1 2015

Malabar (Southern India)
F. M.H., West Hill, Calicut 673 005, Kerala, India
Last Fri. Jan., Apr., Jul., Oct.

May 30 2015

Madurai (Southern India)
F. M.H., 15 Bharathi Ula Road, Race Course Colony, Madurai, 652 002, India
First Fri. Mar., Jun., Sept., Dec.

June 20 2015

Le Couperon (Unattached)
M.T., Stopford Road, St. Helier, Jersey, C.I., JE2 4LB
Fri. preceeding 3rd Sat. Apr. (biennially at M.C., Rue de la Vallee, St. Martin's, Guernsey, GY4 6HW), 4th Thurs. Sept. (I).

Sept 25 2015
111 Lindisfarne (Durham & Northumberland)
F.M.H., The Parade, Berwick upon Tweed TD15 1DF
2nd Wed. May, July(I)

Oct 17 2015

Bedlington (Durham & Northumberland)
M.H., Hartford Road West, Bedlington, Northumberland, NE22 6HU
3rd Wed., Mar., Sept. (I)

Nov 21 2015

Unanimity (Southern India)
F. M.H., 19 Primrose Road, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560025, India
3rd Wed., Jan., Apr., July, Oct.

Feb16 2016

Hubli (Southern India)
M.T., Gadag Road, Hubli, Karnataka, India
2nd Wed., Jan., May, Sept.

Sept 3 2016

Euclid (The Chilterns)
M.C., The Rose Walk, Radlett, Hertfordshire, WD7 7JS
4th Mon., Jan., 1st Mon., Nov. (I)

Dec 15 2016
116 Kinson (Somerset and Dorset)
Kinson M.H., Ferncroft Road, Northbourne, Dorset, BH10 6BY
3rd Thurs., Apr., 1st Mon., Nov.(I)

Mar 1 2017
118 Walled City (Unattached)
Zetland Hall, 1 Kennedy Road, Hong Kong.
4th Mon ., Apr., 2nd Fri., July. (I), 1st Mon., Oct.
Feb10 2017