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Updated News Item
28.11.2011: Scarlet Cord Consistory TI Meeting, 6th December 2011
28.10.2011: Guildford Consistory No 53, Meeting on Thursday, 27th October 2011
18.09.2011: Hill of Zion Consistory No 52,Meeting on Thursday, 15th September 2011
23.03.2011: Conferral of Fourth Grade Ceremony, 4th May 2011
23.03.2011: Annual Meeting of the Grand Senatus of the Order of the Scarlet Cord, 5th May 2011
11.03.2011: Eurostar Excursion Gets France on Track
03.02.2011: Conferral of Fourth Grade Ceremony, 25th March 2011
05.01.2011: Advanced Notice of 2011 Events