Wednesday 21st. July 2010 will mark one of the most important and historic Masonic events for many years when the Order of the Scarlet Cord will be inaugurated as a Sovereign Masonic body.

The inauguration will take place at Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5AZ and every member of the Scarlet Cord is cordially invited to attend. We also look forward to welcoming those members of the Secret Monitor who have registered to take their First Grade on the day of the Inauguration, thus qualifying them to attend the Inauguration later in the day.

The doors at Freemasons Hall will be open on the 21st. July from 10 a.m. with stewards on hand to direct you to the appropriate changing areas.

The day will commence at 12 noon when the First Grade of the Scarlet Cord will be conferred on those Brethren who have registered and paid the appropriate fee. Freemasons Hall affords an ideal setting for this beautiful and impressive introduction into the Scarlet Cord.

The Inauguration itself will commence at 3.00pm with Dinner at 6.30pm. To enable those with demanding journeys home, it is hoped to complete Dinner by 8.15pm. All details related to the History, Ceremonial, Dining arrangements plus a host of informative articles related to the Order will be contained within a feature packed Brochure available to all attending, completely free of charge.

In order to register to attend the Inauguration, please complete and return the attendance form available on the Downloads section of this website. There is a separate form for those wishing to take the First Grade which we would be grateful if you would fill in and return with the appropriate fee.

The inauguration of any Masonic Order is indeed a very rare and particularly special event and the Inauguration therefore of the Scarlet Cord is a truly once in a lifetime event. Mark the date in your Diary and return the completed form as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

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