Dear Companions,

On 29th November the Grand Summus of the Order of the Scarlet Cord announced to his
executive committee that it was his intention to relinquish the position of head of the
Order in time for the installation of his successor to take place at the annual meeting
of the Scarlet Cord in May of next year. Michael Guest, as everybody who has been
involved with the Scarlet Cord knows, has done a huge amount of work for the Order
in its formative period and he feels now that the Order is stable and that the time is
right to hand over the reins of leadership to another brother.

It must be remembered that it was always the intention to split the leadership of the
Scarlet Cord away from the Secret Monitor once it had become established and
therefore this announcement should come as no particular surprise to anyone except
perhaps in the matter of timing. Bearing in mind how well the Scarlet Cord has
progressed to this point, the decision to retire sooner rather than later is, I believe, a
correct one and will give the new Grand Summus a flying start in his attempt to
maintain the impetus of growth and involvement. It is also a confirmation of the
selfless attitude of the Grand Supreme Ruler of the OSM in putting the needs of the
Order before personal ambition and I should like to publicly thank him for all he has

With every best wish
John B
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