The Consecration of Godric Consistory No.90 at The Masonic Hall, Chequer Square, Bury St. Edmunds on 16th January 2013

The Consecration of Godric Consistory No.90

What a day to remember! The Founders of Godric Consistory had eagerly anticipated the Consecration, but could not avoid the dreadful weather which gripped much of the country and the consequent horrendous driving conditions. The early-morning coffee had no takers until the Founders, Visitors and Consecration team struggled to arrive at the Masonic Hall in Bury St Edmunds. Ironically, the Norfolk contingent, who had expected the worst journey, was amongst the first to arrive.

The Provincial Grand Summus, R.Dist.Comp. Peter Coles had inspired a great attendance and support for the day, and miraculously the Consecrating DC, Dist.Comp. Peter Miles, was able to run through the rehearsal just in time for the arrival of the Consecrating Officer, the Grand Inspector for Suffolk, V.Dist.Comp. John Elmore, who like many coming west along the A14 endured a huge traffic jam.

Godric was a landholder mentioned in the Doomsday Book and would have recognised difficult journeys through the wilds of Suffolk, albeit over the unmade tracks of that time.

The Founders enjoyed the ceremony which was of the highest quality, and included an impressive oration from the Consecrating Episcopus, Dist.Comp. John Warne. The proceedings were enhanced by delightful organ music from Dist.Comp. Brian Vickers; the Grand Inspector was particularly impressed by the fanfare he was accorded. The Founders gave their assent to their first President, Dist. Comp. Ben Bullen, Primus of Lectores, Em.Comp. Terry Lewis and Primus of Ostiarii, Comp. Martin Bates.

Both within the meeting and at the Festive Board, the Founders thanked the members of the Consecrating team for their magnificent efforts and the superb quality of their work, in particular the Consecrating Officer V.Dist.Comp. John Elmore, the DC, Dist.Comp. Peter Miles and the Inspectorate Recorder, Dist.Comp. Tom Auber.

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