Isle of Man Consecration

The Most Distinguished Grand Summus, Andrew Sweeney, consecrated the Isle of Mona Consistory No 81 on Thursday 28th February. This is the first Consistory on the Isle of Man. The 21 Founders had entered the Order either in England or at a special meeting held on the Island a couple of years previously.

All present, including Right Distinguished Companion Ben Addy, the Most Worshipful Pro Grand Master in the Mark Degree, enjoyed an impressive ceremony by the Grand Summus, ably assisted by Right Distinguished Companion Frank Spencer, the Grand Director of Ceremonies. The first President of the Consistory, Distinguished Companion David Downie, was then installed by Right Distinguished Companion Ian Currans. An excellent lunch followed.

The photographs show the Consecrating Team and the Grand Summus with the Founders of the Consistory.

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