Active Officers for the year 2012-2013
Rank Forenames Surname Province
Grand Chancellor Keith Roger Duncan Waters
Grand Vice Chancellor Trevor David Currans
Grand Episcopus Rev. William Desmond Payne-Jeremiah
President of the Executive Committee Howard Saul Markham
Grand Registrar Peter Hamilton Rollin
Grand Treasurer Stuart Ian Edwards  
Grand Recorder John Brackley
Grand Director of Ceremonies Francis Charles Spencer
Grand Lecturer Ian Martin
Hampshire & Isle of Wight
Grand Lecturer Merrill Martin
Grand Lecturer David Alan Holloway Midalnd Counties
Grand Lecturer Jonathan Peter Wallis Essex
Deputy Grand Episcopus Thomas William David Railson
Deputy Grand Registrar Judge Seymour Martin Samuels
Deputy Grand Recorder Lt.Cdr. Angus Patrick Douglas Hannagan, RD
Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies Peter John Wise
Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies Richard Brian Roberts
Grand Herald William Henry Clayton JP Durham
Grand Herald Roger Francis Richardson
Assistant Grand Recorder Jonathan Charles Roberts
Assistant Grand Recorder Martin Bradford Budds
Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies Laurence Eric Bourne, JP
Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies Benjamin William Dykes Middlesex
Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies Capt. Walter David Porter  
Assistant Grand Directors of Ceremonies
Dr. Nimal Singh South East Asia
Grand Sword Bearer Colin Robert Woodcock, MBE London
Grand Standard Bearer Rymond Stewrt Ellis East midlands
Grand Deputy Sword Bearer John Charles Bicknell West Lancashire
Deputy Grand Standard Bearer John Edwin Pearson N & E Yorkshire
Grand Organist Alan
Deputy Grand Organist John Victor
Grand Guarder Graeme Hitchinson West Yorkshire
Assistant Grand Guarder Jonathan Frank Swift Midland Counties
Grand Steward MC Black Beds, Cambs & Herts
Grand Steward Paul Gareth Bowen West Yorkshire
Grand Steward Geoffrey Raymond Gill West Lancashire
Grand Steward Jan Alexander Olszewski Western Counties
Grand Steward Leonard Peter Palmer Sussex
Grand Steward Reginald Alec Heathcote Smith Kent
Grand Steward Colin Steel Cheshire & N. Wales
Grand Steward William Penrice Wade Durham
Grand Watchman Thomas
Thomson, CPM