Jewel to commemorate the Inauguration of the Order which can be worn by all Companions who were members of the Order on 21st July 2010 The red cord is worn by all Companions of the Order to indicate membership. By the way it is worn it can indicate possession of any or all of the first four grades. Grand Officers do not wear the Scarlet Cord.
Grand Officers Collarette, the rosette signifies that the Officer holds a past rank
The first Grade Jewel
The second Grade Jewel which is worn suspended from a scarlet cord around the neck

The gold breast jewel of the Sixth Grade of the Order; the fifth grade is a silver version of the same jewel

The third grade breast jewel, which when adorned with the silver anointing horn indicates that the wearer has been installed as President of a Consistory

The Scarlet Cord Tie to be worn at all meetings of the Order
The sash of a Grand Officer